NOTE:  If you are a NEW or previous Howe Fit client then you will click the right side of the page when entering your  client information.   A screen will pop up that says “is this you” and you will quick YES in order to sync your profile with your already created studio account.    By syncing your account this allows you to select classes for FREE as part of your signed membership agreement.
Class Registration Policies
  1. To ensure our class sizes stay small and personalized this will be required for ALL classes in Kingsville and Harrow studio locations.
  2. If you can no longer make your reservation kindly remove yourself so your fellow howefitters may take your place.  A “NO SHOW” fee of $5 will be applied to every class that you pre-register for and do not attend.  This fee will be automatically withdrawal out of your account at the end of every calendar month.
  3. You must have a minimum of 12 hours notice when removing yourself from reserved classes, if the appropriate notice is not given then the “NO SHOW” fee will be applied to your account at the end of the each calendar month.
  4. You may register yourself up to one minute before the start of any classes.  This is encouraged for those individuals who have changing schedules as to avoid incurring “late cancel/no show” fees.
We look forward to keeping all of our clients accountable in order to meet your fitness goals.