Howe Tasty

Howe Tasty

Howe Tasty was established in January 2012 by local home baker Crystal Howe-Raymond with the purpose of creating affordable, healthy treats for every”body”.

Head into either Howe Fit location to purchase your high quality protein treats and start achieving your goals with us today!

Current products available:

Homemade protein bars, high protein ice cream, kid friendly “School Safe” bars, specialty protein cakes and cupcakes.

Protein Ice Cream Flavors & Nutritional Facts

Flavor Protein Fat Carbs Sugar Cals
Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl (GF) 32g 7g 16g 10g 255
Chocolate Caramel Ripple (GF) 28g 3g 11g 9g 199g
Chocolate Banana 29g 4g 17g 9g 220
Vanilla Bean (GF) 31g 3g 14g 10g 218
Cafe Mocha (GF) 32g 5g 19g 11g 254
Strawberry 29g 7g 16g 10g 255

** The only ice cream containing peanuts is the Vanilla Peanut Butter swirl all bars and ice cream many contain trace elements of peanuts.

Howe Tasty Homemade Protein Bar Flavors & Nutritional Information

Flavor Protein Fat Carbs Sugar Cals Fiber
Peanut Butter Honey (GF)
19g 6g 19g 7g 169 2g
Chocolate Peanut Butter (GF)
18g 5g 23g 10g 201 2.5g
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter (GF)
19g 6g 29g 10g 230 3g
Chocolate Cake
18g 5g 21g 5g 166 3g
Pumpkin Spice
18g 6g 22g 6g 181 4g
Blueberry Lemon
18g 3g 19g 4g 146 3g
Carrot Cake
18g 3g 20g 5g 151 3g
White Chocolate Cranberry Walnut
18g 5g 22g 6g 175 3g
Fruit and Nut
17g 5g 26g 12g 192 3g
Chocolate Fruit and Nut
18g 5g 26g 12g 192 3g

$7.99 + tax

All of our healthy homemade protein bars and ice cream treats are made in a certified kitchen fresh and ready to enjoy.   Howe Tasty protein bars are only made with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients with NO additives or preservatives so they must be eaten within 7 days of purchase to ensure the most enjoyable taste.    

Introducing Howe Tasty’s NEWEST creation – drum roll please …..

The “School Safe Bar”….



*Gluten FREE

*Dairy FREE





Contains Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids


Calories: 90

Protein: 3g

Carbs: 14.5    (Fibre 4.5g)

Fat: 4g


Directions: Keep in freezer.   Children can enjoy straight out of freezer.

Chocolate Flavoured Birthday Cake

Serving 1-3 people

$20 + tax

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Birthday Cake


Serving 5-10 people

$70 + tax