Retail Health Food Store

Not only do we offered the most supportive and effective fitness classes with the most variety in Windsor/Essex County we also offer a wide range of specialty health food items, supplements and vitamins and more to help our clients progress towards their health and fitness goals.

All specialty food, supplements and vitamins are available for members and non-members to purchase during open business hours.

80% of your success will come from what you eat NOT what you do, so we make it convenient and for to do all of shopping while your here working out anyways!

Ask our knowledge staff what each one of the products do and how they could be used to help you meet your goals faster!

Specialty Health Foods items available:  Walden Farms, Guys BBQ sauces, Flavorful, Quest Nutrition products, ALL p28 products, Howe Tasty homemade protein bars and protein ice cream,  Josephs Low Carb products, coconut oils, diabetic friendly alternatives and more…

Check us out!