Dorothy Synder

I have been trying to lose weight for almost 8 years. I started working out after I quit smoking, but it took a long time to accept the fact that my diet had more to do with my weight gain than anything. I tried a bunch of fad diets, most of which were strict and made me miserable.  Started working out a few days a week, and after a few years of gains and losses, and mostly failed attempts I would go back to eating “normal.”  Not longer after that I would gain back everything I lost and then some. So after some more struggling, and gaining some weight after a surgery I heard about macro coaching. I had nothing to lose but pounds and inches. So, I sat down with Amy and we figured out how much I could work out, and what my goals were. Later she sent me some instructions and 3 little numbers. Basically as long as I stayed within  these numbers and drank lots of water I would succeed, and I did. I stuck to the macro numbers, eating mostly what I wanted over an 8 week period. I didn’t always stick to my macro #’s and struggled a bit with my carbs, but I still lost 🙂


I am down 14lbs and 16 inches in 8 Weeks.

This has taught me more about balancing meals and portion control than anything else I’ve tried. It’s also something I can see myself continuing until I reach my goals and beyond that to maintain them.

Thanx to Amy and her awesome team for helping me get on the right path to my personal goals and for the support to continue to reach them.