Heather Carvalho

My journey with HOWE FIT started 15 months ago.  A picture can tell a thousand words is the age old sayin well, mine says see you later 100 lbs. . . .  I can tell you HOWE to achieve this, was with proper coaching, training, macros and mind set.

 Yes, I was skeptical at first but it is necessary to believe in the process, yourself and that the scale is only a number.   Celebrate the big or little goals you have set out for yourself, but also realize when you give 100% you get 100%.

If you fall down, get back up and try again, nobody’s perfect, you need to start somewhere.  Challenge yourself because you are stronger than you think, is used quite often in class.  This is so true but if you never try how will you know.   I have a whole new perspective on fitness and healthy choices.

I would like to thank Amy, the Howe Fit Team and members for the continued encouragement in and out of class.  I may have hit a milestone but my journey is not yet over and I am eager to take you all along for the ride.  One of the best investments for myself.