Jodi Ryan

As I sit down to write this I think back to me sitting at my computer scared half to death to hit the send button to a complete stranger who in my mind would sit there and read my questions and roll their eyes at how stupid they were and not even bother to respond because who would want someone like me to be at their “gym”.
Hours later I received an email back from Amy who suggested that I come in to see her to discuss my fitness goals further as she felt she could better answer them face to face then through an email.  I fearfully accepted her suggestion and set up a consultation.
I was so ready to make a change but didn’t know how and was so sure there was no way or no one that could help me do this.  But I tried to keep an open mind as I walked into Howe Fit for the first time.  I was greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.   Amy then asked me to come into her very private office away from the glaring stares I was so afraid to encounter.  She started asking me what I wanted, what goals I wanted to see.  Not what everyone else wanted or thought I should be, but what I wanted.  I began to tell her and she quietly listened and handed me a tissue as I began to cry tears of fear and hatred towards how I ever let myself get to where I was.  She then promised me that from that day forward that as long as I was willing to put the work and effort in she would do everything she could to help to make sure I would never have to sit across from her crying tears of sadness again.  She was going to start with me on my journey to change my life and get it back.  I joined “Howe Fit” and things have never been the same.
In the first couple of months I had a meal plan I followed and began trying all the different classes that Howe Fit had to offer.  Those glaring stares I was so fearful of I never got to see them.  Instead I got warm smiles and welcomes from fellow “Howe Fitters”, words of encouragement.  Everyone is so positive and helpful.  Everyone is always lifting each other up instead of putting them down.
A few months into being a member I went on vacation and gradually my work out schedule suffered and I was going less and less to the point that I hadn’t been in a couple of week.  I then got a little message from Amy asking where I was and that she missed me and wants to see my sweaty smiling self -back.  I was so taken back.  I mean who does that….not any gym I’ve ever been too.  All the other gyms cared about was getting your money and could care less about you doing things right to not hurt yourself. And never in a million years would actually give a crap about whether or not you went to the gym.
Fast forward to a year and a half later, I was at a stand-still and decided to do one of the many challenges that Howe Fit offers.   I was given another meal plan and a personal trainer with this one.  Again my fear of personal training set in as in past experiences with one it didn’t do anything but show me how to use the machines at the gym and didn’t challenge me.  But everything else about “Howe Fit” was different then all the other gyms I’ve been to so I knew this would be too and it was.   It was this challenge that I have to date had my biggest success in seeing big changes in my body.  People in the outside world are seeing the hard work I have been putting in and it feels amazing.  I could not have done it without Amy, Heather and all the other amazing trainers and staff at “Howe Fit”.   Not to mention my fellow “Howe Fitters” for lifting me up instead of putting me down.
So if you are fearful of trying something different don’t.  Life gets busy. I know this.  I work two full time jobs, have a long daily commute to work, have a husband who owns his own business two little ones but you have to take care of yourself.  I wasn’t going to use those as my excuses any longer.  In fact I owed it to my family to get healthy.  I have a lot of regrets in my life and making the decision to make a change and join Howe Fit will never be one of them.