John & Janet Jenner

About 6 years or so ago, Janet and I made the decision to get healthier.  We were always active and ate relatively well.  We joined a local gym to burn off some fat and changed our eating habits to what we thought would result in healthy weight loss.  For the most part we were diligent, working out 3 to 4 times a week and sticking to the salads.
We thought we were in shape…..well…until Janet was introduced to Howe Fit and then convinced (skeptical) me to join too.  We both agree that this Healthy Life Choice was a game changer.
Amy, Ray and the entire team at Howe Fit have been fantastic.  Teaching proper technique and always correcting posture to ensure you remain injury free, they encourage you to push your personal limit, recognizing that everyone has there own, challenging you to go beyond the limitation of your mind and live by there motto…..”you’re stronger than you think”.  Classes are easy to book and so many different options to choose from and right close to home.
Janet and I asked Amy and Ray to help us realize some personal goals.  We would like to thank Amy for designing each of us a personalized  meal plan (not a diet) that have many options and more food than we ever ate in a day before.  Amy collected all our information, listened to our goals and set us on a meal journey that has had results we did not think were possible.  Each time our meals changed, Amy had a plan based on where we were in relation to our goal.  We look forward to our Tuesday night personal training sessions with Ray (we call it Date Night with Ray, even on Valentine’s Day this year).  Ray’s weight training experience, unique training exercises, positive and encouraging style is second to none.  He pushes us to our limit and beyond with the focus of helping us meet our personal goals.  Thanks Ray…
We encourage anyone who wants to get healthier to give Howe Fit a try, Trust us, you will not regret it!!!!