Lori Hammond

I was able to lose 16 lbs.  15.5” and 2.8% body fat!

14 months ago, I did not believe this was possible.

Suffering a “widow maker” heart attack on September 30th, 2016 was life changing.

Two stents later and six different drugs to mend my heart and body was my path for the next several months.

Walking down the block made me dizzy.

My heart was only functioning at only 30% ejection pressure (normal is 65%)

My recovery was slow and timed.  Would my heart recover?  I had to try.

My initial stress test showed no signs of heart muscle damage, but my heart was sluggish.

I was good enough to exercise at Cardiac Rehab 3 x week, and I had to commit to 6 months of treadmill work only, and eventually the doctors let me start lifting light weights again.

Don’t push!  Only get your heart rate up to where we say you can!

First 90 to 100 bpm, 95 to 105 bpm, 100 to 120 bpm

Each week I pushed more.

Could I push it more? Push my way back?  I had to try!

Finally…I pushed my way back…back through the door!  The door to Howe Fit.

This was not going to be easy, but if I wanted my heart strong, I had to exercise the muscle that means life or death for all of us.

I started slow with classes.  The trainers were aware and I knew they were keeping an extra eye on my progress.  My little accomplishments shared with Wayne and Amy and their encouragement made me feel stronger, I can do this!

I became dependent upon my fitbit, eyeing my heart rate, monitoring my progress, assuring myself my heart could take it.  Week after week, pushing, pushing, testing my heart’s endurance.

My final stress test told the whole story!  It was amazing news…my heart was totally recovered and functioning at full capacity 65% ejection pressure.

Two of my meds gone for good.

I felt great and I was back!

Now I was ready, ready for my next challenge.  One year, almost to the day of my heart attack I joined the 90 Day Back on Track Challenge.

The inspirational initial meeting with Amy, I knew I was in the best hands to make this happen!

I truly believe that life events bring people together for a reason…

Kirby – my Personal Howe Fit Trainer!

Your continual “you can do this” “you got this” rang through every muscle in my body for the past 12 weeks.

Your evil Kirby laugh when you knew you were going to push me harder than the last time.

Never once flinching or reminding me of my heart attack, only telling me I was fine, take your 10 second rest and a drink of water and get back at it!

You believed in my capabilities, and encouraged me every step of the way.

I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you Kirby for being here for me the past 12 weeks!

And thank you Howe Fit and Amy!

Thank you for having your vision of this amazing fitness studio that motivates, mentors and heals people especially me J, and for being the rock in helping all of us reach our goals.

I could not have done it without Howe Fit in my life.

Thank you Amy Howe!

I came across this saying while writing my story and found it fitting to finish my story…

“Every accomplishment starts with a vision to try”

Lori Hammond