Megan Grieves & Cade Baldwin

My boyfriend Cade and I both enjoyed Howe Fit and have been going to classes together since May. When we heard about the couples challenge we were really excited to do it together.  Cade had done a challenge a few years ago and told me how great they were. Little did I know this challenge would change my whole perspective on living a healthy lifestyle. With the help of Amy and her flexible macro meal plans and Kirby with her personal training, Cade and I were able to reach our goals in only 8 weeks. I had always struggled with my relationship with food and being a student these past four years I had my rollercoaster of dieting and working out which resulted in unhealthy habits.

Within the 8 week challenge, I regained confidence in the gym and now know what to consume to fuel my body. I still enjoy good food, but with moderation and balance. This challenge showed us how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cade and I are looking forward to setting new goals in 2018 and crushing them. Thanks Amy, Kirby and the Howe Fit team for being so encouraging and helping us work towards being a healthier version of ourselves! 

Thanks again! 

Megan Grieves