Trisha Allsop

As I approach my 1 year Anniversary at Howe Fit I look back at HOWE much I’ve changed both physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I had zero energy and also felt winded when playing with my kids….something had to change! I was committed to a happier, healthier lifestyle and HOWE FIT was exactly what I needed.
When I first started I was the girl in the back row who could not complete one full sit up, struggled to run the length of the parking lot, and wanted to run and hide every time I heard the word Burpee.
I was committed and started attending a variety of classes that worked with my schedule. Amy, Ray, Jaymie and the rest of the Howe Fit family encouraged me and kept me motivated. I looked forward to getting up bright and early and attending the early morning classes with a great group of people.
Over the course of the last year I took part in 2 of the 8 week challenges. This challenge makes you accountable and educates you on proper nutrition. This challenge resulted in a lifestyle change for me. Long after the challenge ended I still continue to lead a much healthier lifestyle, which has resulted in tons of energy, weight loss (40 pounds to date ), and most importantly happiness. I feel great and cannot thank the Howe Fit family for everything they have done for me this past year!